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Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) is the nation's largest gay and lesbian Republican organization. We represent the next generation of the gay and lesbian community. No longer will we be told where we must live, how we must dress, who our leaders must be and how we must vote. Now there is a political alternative.

Log Cabin was founded in 1978 to battle the nation's first anti-gay ballot measure – California's Proposition 6, which would have made it legal to dismiss gay or lesbian public school teachers solely based on their sexual orientation. The gay Republican opposition in Los Angeles came to refer to itself as the Log Cabin Club in reference to Abraham Lincoln and the heritage of the Republican Party. These first Log Cabin activists enlisted Ronald Reagan to publicly oppose the California measure, which then went down to defeat. Since then, Log Cabin Republicans has grown to become a leading voice on the national stage on behalf of the mainstream concerns of the gay and lesbian community.


Our mission is to educate the Republican Party about the concerns and the issues facing the gay and lesbian community. We are a constant internal reminder that the GOP must continue to be a party of inclusion. By forging new ground and opening new doors for the gay and lesbian community, Log Cabin has the unique responsibility to go where no other organization is willing to go.

We build trust with Republicans, support those who support our mission, and stand up against anti-gay and exclusionary moves by members of both parties. We are the front-line of communication between our community and the GOP.

 Our emphasis is on promoting our mission from the grass roots up. Our strengh is our network of Log Cabin Clubs across the nation, who educate local GOP candidates and officials, endorse and financially support GOP candidates for office, and advise and lobby Republican elected officals on key issues.

We know we will move ahead only when gay people are honest about who they really are. Log Cabin Republicans joins other mainstream Republicans on the front-lines of the battle for the Republican Party's future.

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