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Marriage Ban Bill Returns

This year's version of the bill for a constitutional amendment has already been submitted. We arenot sure about the Senate.... but it has to be coming soon.

If you go to, and enter HF6 on the left hand side of the home screen, you can find all of the information about the bill. The proposed amendment also prohibits legal equivalents of marriage (I.e. civil unions).

So far, 5 people have signed on as authors.

Mary Liz Holberg, elected in 1998, from Lakeville. She authored the 04 version.

Paul Gazelka, elected in 2004, from Brainerd. In his bio information, it says he's an Oral Roberts University grad;

Dan Severson, elected in 2002, from Sauk Rapids

Sondra Erickson, elected in 1998, from Princeton

Jeff Johnson, elected in 2000, from Plymouth

The bill has been referred to the Civil Law and Elections committee, which is chaired by one of the authors (Jeff Johnson).

The website does not indicate when the bill will get a hearing, but be assured that it will.

It's very important to take action NOW, especially contacting members of the Civil Law Committee (listed below). Every committee member of either party who hears this bill needs to know about your opposition.

Remember, everything you need to know comes from the website. The senate version is called a href=""> Educate yourself now, so that you can track bills and votes through the session. It's critical that we be able to respond quickly. Even if a legislator doesn't read very single letter/e-mail, their staff keeps a tally of positive and negative feedback.

Chair: Jeff Johnson (R) 296-5511

Vice Chair: Chris DeLaForest (R) 296-4231

Lead-DFL: Nora Slawik (DFL) 296-7807

Laura Brod (R) 296-4229

Matt Dean (R) 296-3018

Keith Ellison (DFL) 296-8659

Tom Emmer (R) 296-4336

Bill Hilty (DFL) 296-4308

John Lesch (DFL) 296-4224

Peter Nelson (R) 296-5377

Steve Simon (DFL) 296-9889

Torrey Westrom (R) 296-4929

All phone numbers are in the 651 area code.

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