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Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota at Twin Cities Pride  2005!

Please join us on June 25 and 26 at this years Twin Cities Pride Festival.  Log Cabin will share a booth with the Minneapolis City Republican Committee.  Twin Cities Pride is one of the biggest GLBT celebrations in the country with nearly 300,000 people attending the events.  Please stop by.  Better yet, if you have some time, we are looking for volunteers to staff the booth on both days.  Please drop us an email at, if you can staff the booth.


Log Cabin Minnesota goes "On the Road " to Rochester!

On July 16 we will be at the 8th annual Rochester PrideFest.  This is our second year doing this Pride Festival.  We had a great time last year and look forward to having a great time again this year.  If you live in the Rochester area, or live in the Twin Cities and want to ride down, please email us.

From the PAC Board Chair

Dear Fellow Log Cabin Republicans:

Our numbers are small relative to some other organized political groups, but it is essential that elected officials know we exist. I challenge each of you to contact your representative and senator in the next week by phone or e-mail, identify yourself as a constituent, and tell them you're a Log Cabin Republican.

If you're not sure who represents you, or you need contact information, check the following website:

District Finder

Communication should always be short, polite, and positive. Include your mailing address, so the reader of the e-mail knows you're a constituent. Use the person's title (Senator or Representative) to show proper courtesy.

I'm represented by two of the most liberal Democrats at the Capitol (Phyllis Kahn and Larry Pogemiller). Even though we don't have many opinions in common, I still give them feedback and ask for their support on various issues.

As the 2005 session progresses, be sure to pay attention to your representative's votes. When they do something you agree with, be sure to send them a thank you message.

Here is sample language to use in an introductory message. You'll want to craft this language to make it your own.

Mark Hanson

LCR Minnesota PAC Board Chair
Senator ________:

My name is Mark Hanson, and I live at 444 Republican Boulevard, Minneapolis MN. As a member of the Minnesota Log Cabin Republicans, I have high hopes for the 2005 legislative session. All Minnesotans are looking for a responsible budget, a well-crafted bonding bill, and ____________ (pick an issue of concern to you, and state it in a positive way).

As someone who takes an interest in politics, know that I will be keeping a close eye on your votes this session. Log Cabin Republicans believe in the core principles of fiscal responsibility, personal freedom, and limited government. At the same time, we believe in the motto 'Inclusion Wins', and are working toward a Republican party that grows stronger not by dividing people, but by uniting all of us.

Best of luck to you in the months ahead.


Your contact information

Join us "Out on the Town!"

Join us every 4th Thursday of the Month for a Log Cabin social gathering! We will meet at 7pm at local restaurant in the Cities for dinner. Afterwards, we will go to a local bar to listen to music or dance the night away. It's a night for kickin' back and relaxing. We hope you will join us! If you are interested, please contact us at

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