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In 2004,  Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota created Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota Political Action Committee, a new organization aimed at supporting and encouraging gay and gay-friendly Republicans to run for public office.

We believe the best way to make the GOP in Minnesota a party of inclusion is to support and attract tolerant Republicans to run for office.

There is an old saying that goes, politics is about who shows up.  It was not that long ago (1993), when a Republican governor and a good number of Republican legislators passed the Human Rights Amendment to the state constitution which barred discrimation based on sexual orientation and gender identity.  In the intervening years, we have seen the far right take control of the party and force an agenda that is discriminatory.  They are able to get their candidates elected to promote and anti-gay agenda.

Log Cabin of Minnesota wants to change this.  Last year, we created the PAC and were heavily involved in the campaign of David Dayhoff, a fair-minded Republican who ran for the Minneapolis School Board.  While Dayhoff was not successful in getting a school board seat, we were glad to get involved and try to make a difference.   

But we don't want to stop there.  As Minnesotans go to the polls next year in midterm elections, Log Cabin-Minnesota wants to see more fair-minded Republicans running for office.  We want to be heard as the state GOP chooses candidates for governor, US Senator, US Representatives and state legislators.

If you are interested making the Grand Old Party a party of inclusion again please contact Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota PAC Board Chair, Mark Hanson.  We welcome donations to our PAC fund and we are also looking for fair-minded Republicans who want to seek elected office.

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