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LCR in Minnesota: Where we are-where we hope to be
Minnesota Log Cabin Republicans are working hard every day to build a more inclusive, tolerant party. We get inspired by the legacy of Arne Carlson, Ronald Reagan, Christie Todd Whitman, and Dave Durenburger, and the like. In the end, their brand of Republicanism will survive. The current dominance of people like Mark Kennedy, Michele Bachmann, Mary Kiffmeyer, and Tim Pawlenty will not last. They are too extreme, and they run the real risk of ceding control of government back to the Democrats. If you need an example, look at the 2004 election in the Minnesota House, where 13 seats moved from 'R' to 'D'.

What are we doing to build a more inclusive party? Here are our goals for the next year.

*Meeting with and contacting Congress members and Legislators re: anti-gay, anti-family constitutional amendments.

*Supporting legislation at the state and national level that adds civil rights, rather than take them away, in the areas of tax fairness, inheritance law, hospital visitation, health benefits, etc.

*Identifying, recruiting, and encouraging moderate Republicans in key state and local elections;

*Maintaining our visibility and voice at the grass roots level, representing a voice of fairness at precinct caucuses and subsequent conventions, helping with election judging, door knocking and fund raising for fair-minded candidates, and telling people who we are, one person at a time.

*Completing the organizational and adminstrative work to become an officially chartered part of the national Log Cabin Republican organization, gaining access to their technology, member database, political expertise and media prowess.

*Expanding our reach within the larger GLBT community in Minnesota, finding those people who are Republicans on matters of fiscal responsibility and personal responsibility, but are discouraged by the conservative social agendas. We need the party to be larger, not smaller.

*Recruiting new members and allies through existing groups, campus organizations, and the all important one-on-one contact.

*Preparing for the 2006 elections. The entire elected state government will be on the ballot - every legislator, the governor, and the constitutional officers will stand for election. A US Senate seat is also open, and we may have a constitutional amendment re: marriage on the Minnesota ballot. There is a of work to do in before November 2006.

It's an ambitious agenda, but one we hope to accomplish. This past year we initiated our first ever Lobby Day at the State Capitol meeting with several GOP lawmakers. We have stepped up our media campaign to show that there are Republicans who believe in fairness and inclusion and not exclusion. We also maintain a presence at the annual Twin Cities Pride and will particpate in the Pride Festival in Rochester for the second year in a row.

We know the road is hard and long. The GOP has sadly become more anti-gay with each passing year. However, we see signs for hope. Republicans are beginning to stand up to the social fundamentalists around the country. Even in Minnesota, Republicans like Wheelock Whitney are speaking out against the intolerance that comes from the far right. We believe there are many Republicans who will not tolerate the voices of exclusion and will work to make the Minnesota GOP an inclusive party.

We are in a fight for the soul of the Minnesota GOP. And we believe we will prevail.

Chapter Officers for 2005-06
The Officers are as follows:
President- Dennis Sanders
Vice President- Broc Dobervich
Secretary-Mark Hanson
Treasurer-Jim Galvin