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Community of Grace Christian Church

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Worship and Education Schedule
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We meet at 6pm every Sunday for worship and communion at United Church of Christ in New Brighton, Minnesota.

There are so many ways to worship.  So, why worship in the same style Sunday after Sunday? 
Here at Community of Grace, we offer different ways of celebrating God and what God is doing in our world.

First Sundays
Grace Creates...
Does it ever seem to you that the arts and religion seem to be fighting with each other?  Not a Community of Grace.  On the First Sundays of each month, we infuse various mediums of art (dance, visual, drama) with worship.  If you want to see how God speaks through artists, please join us!
Second and Fourth Sundays
Grace Worships
This is our traditional Sunday worship, complete with hymns, prayers and a sermon.  Of course, at Community of Grace, even what is considered "traditional" will be done in new and relevant ways.
Third Sundays
Grace Learns
Scripture tells us that we are to love God with our hears and our minds.  On Third Sundays, we devote time to Christian Education.  We will have Bible Studies as well as forums on topics affecting the community and how we as Christ's followers can respond.

Fifth Sundays

Grace Fellowships

On the fifth Sunday of a month, we will meet at church for a brief celebration of communion and then go out together to a local restaurant or church member's home for fun, food and fellowship. 
Hey, we are in Minnesota.  You've gotta have a hotdish meal sometime!