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Facing Washington Avenue
By Dennis L. Sanders

Facing Washington Avenue

By Dennis L. Sanders



I want to welcome you to the November edition of the ModerateRepublican.  This months issue brings some changes to the this webmagazine that I believe are truly positive and will hopefully be part of a movement to bring the Grand Old Party back to its Lincolnian roots.


When the founding editor Paul Peter Jesep created this website, it was a place for moderate Republicans to come together and learn about their history and where they could go.  I came in to carry on this tradition and hopefully expand on these ideals.  I want this webmagazine to be a voice for the center-right, a voice that gets drowned out in these days of the religious right and the neoconservatives.


Moderates have a long tradition in shaping the policy of this nation.  Our first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln broke the bonds of slavery.  Teddy Roosevelt, made conservation of our natural resources a national priority.  Richard Nixon made clean air and water a national concern and created the Environmental Protection Agency.  We believed that government must watch its finances and also care for the needs that plague our society.


All of these achievements have been mocked and abandoned by a people who have hijacked the party.  They have twisted our belief for limited government to mean that government should have no place in our lives-except to impose their limited theological agenda.  They have made trashed our concept of equality and openly speak about denying freedoms to others.  They trash the concept of fiscal responsibility and spend like drunken sailors.  They also denied a long-standing conservative foreign policy of prudence and cooperation for one of arrogance and selfishness. These people maybe many things, but the are not Republicans, at least not in the historic sense.


Democrats have long spoken out against these assaults.  It is way past time for  moderate Republicans to do the same.  It is my hope that the ModerateRepublican  will help people find their own voice, not only to speak out against the right-wing, but to articulate an alternative vision of what conservatism should be.


This month I welcome two people who I hope will become regulars on this website.  The first is Mark Kittel.  Mark is a native of Connecticut who spent most of the nineties working for several software companies as a writer and publications manager in the Bay Area. When the dot-com bubble burst, he and his family headed back east to upstate New York where he now works as a software trainer for the state. This is his first article for the ModerateRepublican and I believe it will not be his last.

The second new person is Michael Cudahy. Cudahy worked for the on the 1980 campaign for George Bush Sr. and then moved on to work for the Reagan/Bush team in the Midwest that same year.  He also worked on the 1988 campaign for the Senior Bush and as communications director for Republicans for Choice.  You rarely find people these days who can write passionate essays that stir people to action.  Michael is just such a person and I welcome him wholeheartedly to the ModerateRepublican team.


I also want to let you know of our new Moderate Republican Bookstore.  In partnership with Powells Bookstore in Portland, Oregon, we have created a small and growing booklist that moderates might want to read. To find this list, go to our links page and click on the link that says Moderate Republican Bookstore. 


I hope you enjoy these new changes to the magazine. There are more changes ahead. Stay tuned.





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